We recently had our minivan in to the shop for some repairs. The service was exceptional and the quality of the work was outstanding! We've been coming to Harvey's Autotech for years and couldn't imagine going anywhere else.

5 Corona Auto Repair 10/19/2017

Fair prices, great service, friendly staff - there's really no better place to bring your vehicle for prompt, professional service.

5 Corona Auto Repair 10/18/2017

appointment time was at 7:30, was done by 7:48! Very friendly front office :)

5 Corona Auto Repair 10/12/2017

Great service and professional staff

5 Corona Auto Repair 10/11/2017

Always great, quick service. That’s why I always come back! Thanks Harvey and his team!

5 Corona Auto Repair 10/3/2017

Excellent service. I had difficulty finding a shop for smog repairs on an older car. Loved the communication and car runs awesome afterwards. I highly recommend this business.

5 Corona Auto Repair 10/2/2017

Great service in a comfortable atmosphere, no pressure.

5 Corona Auto Repair 9/30/2017

While the work done on my mother's care was great, I am only giving 3 stars because of the poor customer service provided by the receptionist when I called. My elderly mother lives in Corona, and I am about 3500 miles away. I have always had my mother take her car to Harvey's because the mechanical work is always top notch. This time we had mom's car towed in and I called to let Harvey's know that there were several issues, besides the car not starting, that I wanted to have looked at. The power steering is leaking and the anti theft device that has been on the car since it was purchased is malfunctioning. I really wanted these problems addressed, so I called and spoke to the receptionist, I think her name was Lynn. As soon as I told her it was for my mother's car, she became condescending, calling me, a 55 year old man, dear. I told her my concerns with the car and she said that she would "keep me in the loop". Nobody called me, and I found out from my mother that she already had her car back. I called Harvey's and spoke to the mechanic who worked on mom's car, and he told me that he was not made aware of the other issues, otherwise he certainly would have addressed them. First of all I am annoyed by the attitude that I got, but mostly I am angry that the other concerns that I had were completely ignored by this lady.

3 Corona Auto Repair 5/2/2017

I am the original owner of a 2006 Ford Fusion with 230K miles. I brought my car in to Harvey's for some really bad clutch noise, and had some idea of some of the expected repairs. Harvey himself was nice enough to drop me off at work while he test drove my car, and discussed his diagnosis. As they got into my repair they found some other issues. The repair ended up much higher than I wanted, $2500, which gets pretty close to the estimated value of this car. I did some homework and asked around for the repair values and I also looked cost of parts. The estimate was dead on with what I found. They did my repair and I know have a 2006 Fusion with no clutch noise, no transmission noise, no engine vibrations, and the car runs smooth like brand new !!! Well worth the expense. Harvey and Team, thanks for the great work and honest pricing; I think I'll be driving this old thing for another 10 yrs !

5 Corona Auto Repair 9/14/2016

Hej Rikkard, allt som finns här har jag gjort eller fotat om inte annat angivs. Jag är inte fotograf! Men jag har en kamera :) Jag är ilÃastrutl¶r och konstnär - bildmakare.

4.5 Corona Auto Repair 7/26/2016