5 stars as usual

5 Corona Auto Repair 5/17/2018

never a disappointment when having work done at Harvey's. A great team with great service.

5 Corona Auto Repair 5/10/2018

Always great service and great attitude. Definitely will recommend this place

5 Corona Auto Repair 5/1/2018

My family and I have been taking our cars to Harvey's for over 10 years. I previously would recommend the shop to friends in the area as well. It was a place that did quality work and I felt like I could trust their advice. Prices, although fair, were always on the higher end but the trust made it worth the extra cost. Over the years the quality of their repair and customer service has degraded. The last couple of years I found myself extremely frustrated with the business. The bulk of the frustration stems from communication. I would rarely receive updates on my car. I would find myself calling 10 minutes before their closing time to find out if my car was ready to be picked up. This is unacceptable. After this occurred several times they thought it would be acceptable to give me a loaner PT cruiser with advertisements on it. These are only a couple examples of the poor customer service. Unfortunately it appears that this shop can no longer handle the amount of business it receives. Even though I still trust their work and I like the employees, I can no longer do business at a shop with such negligent customer service anymore so me and my family have taken our auto repair elsewhere in Corona.

3 Corona Auto Repair 4/30/2018

Honest, fair priced, excellent quality!!

5 Corona Auto Repair 4/25/2018

Thanks Harvey and your awesome crew! The price was fair, the timing was appropriate and communication was fantastic.

5 Corona Auto Repair 4/24/2018

Everyone is very knowledgeable and friendly. U can have a coffee, water or soda while u wait. Have been going to Harveys since he opened and is as honest as they get and stands behind his work

5 Corona Auto Repair 4/24/2018

Great customer service from Dave...Very top notch. From the digital estimate to the warm and friendly greeting. Very pleasurable experience. Will definitely use them again as they provide a very trustworthy experience.

5 Corona Auto Repair 4/23/2018


5 Corona Auto Repair 4/20/2018

Thank you Harvey, Great service!!

5 Corona Auto Repair 4/20/2018